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Homeschooling….not easy is it? No, but then it shouldn’t be too difficult either – the chances are, if you’re struggling, then you may be over-thinking it. Essentially, you shouldn’t be working harder than the children – and the children (certainly under 12s) shouldn’t feel as though they are ‘working’ at all. Remember if you have fun, they will too – children love watching an adult rediscover the joy of simple pleasures because it means you have, for a while, re-entered their world.
Beware the pressures of social media – just because someone else’s child has mastered the skills of making a perfect sourdough loaf or even the basics of conversational Mandarin whilst creating an accomplished French plait on her younger sister at the same time – that doesn’t undermine whatever it is you are doing in your home. Children need two things – your time, and your non-judgemental love. Don’t lose confidence just because the damn near perfect children someone just Instagrammed look as though they are straight out of a Boden catalogue and are now singing in perfect harmony whilst playing a range of tricky instruments in some kind of Von-Trapp-esque performance. So what? Your children learned a whole bunch of things today when they planned, costed and made lunch and then loaded the dishwasher afterwards. They also learned a great deal when they cleaned and tidied their room(s) and collected a range of unwanted toys and books to give to charity when normal service resumes…
Remember what we’re doing here, with the help of Little Dave, is teaching our children HOW to think, not WHAT to think. Let them plan tomorrow’s homeschooling sessions, tell them they’re in charge – that way you guarantee their buy-in and get 100% commitment from the start – because they have ownership. Job done.
Keep up the good work, if you’ve spoken and (crucially) listened to your child more in the last two weeks than you had in the previous six months, you’re doing very well. Our children don’t always remember what we say or do, but they do remember how we make them feel.

| 8th April 2020, 13:36:48 | Posted by Rosemary Taylor

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