Meet Little Dave...

Little Dave is a small monkey. He’s very intelligent, loves to travel and loves to learn. He’s going to send regular learning activities and challenges to help parents and children have fun whilst learning at home. He’s not a lightweight monkey – look out for the neuroscience!
Introduction to Little Dave and advice for parents and carers who are homeschooling now available. See our page on LinkedIn.

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1 comment | 26th March 2020, 13:32:30 | Posted by Rosemary Taylor


Malcolm McKee says:

I already LOVE Little Dave. He sounds a bit like me: 'loves to travel', 'loves to learn' and 'he's very intelli-' Oh well, two out of three ain't bad - as Meat Loaf sang. Quite the philosopher, Mr Loaf. I look forward to getting to know Little Dave and I shall certainly recommend him to my friends who have taken over the mantle of teacher. PS Is there a Big Dave?

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