We are delighted to welcome Sid Rose and Lindy Griffiths to our team – further expanding our range of skills and expertise here at Key Issues.

Contact us for further details.

| 9th May 2013, 15:13:22 | Posted by Rosemary Taylor

New Associate for Key Issues!

Formerly judged outstanding as both a teacher and a headteacher, Hil has considerable education, leadership, management, effective communication. Hil is now an independent coach, facilitator and trainer for individuals, teams and organizations across both the public and private sectors.
Recently, Hil has been developing a new approach to encouraging self-responsibility and empowerment for students, that is rooted in her book “Taking Charge of Your Success: A Tale of Two Sydneys”.
Her wealth of experience makes her ideally placed to motivate, advise and support schools aspiring to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and impact – working with school governors, leadership teams, classroom practitioners and parents.

We are delighted to welcome Hil onboard – she brings a wealth of additional skill and expertise to the team.

| 12th February 2013, 17:24:05 | Posted by Rosemary Taylor

The Aggregation of Marginal Gains

Happy New Year?

What small changes have you made that have brought about a big difference – either for yourself or those around you?

| 21st January 2013, 16:38:53 | Posted by Rosemary Taylor

London 2012

As someone wisely said, success is all about ‘the aggregation of marginal gains’…..

That certainly proved true here at London 2012. Reducing the thickness of the paint by a fraction of a millimetre on a bike frame made more difference than any of us would have ever believed…

Whether we are talking about management and leadership, managing difficult behaviour or simply raising the game in the classroom, it’s the little things that you do that make the biggest difference. Call us to find out more…

| 15th August 2012, 12:13:34 | Posted by Rosemary Taylor

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