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“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

The words of Leonard Cohen, in one of his more enlightened moments….

Here at Key Issues we firmly believe that we add value in everything that we do. Call us if we can help let a little extra light into your organisation….

We are currently preparing for a return visit to Bucharest early in December and our work takes us to Portugal early in the New Year. In the meantime, all good wishes to friends and clients, old and new, for a happy and restful time during the festive season……. and wishing us all an enlightened 2011.

| 22nd November 2010, 17:17:09 | Posted by Rosemary Taylor

Madrid and back....

Recently returned from a very successful COBIS conference at King’s College in Madrid and now heading for Egypt….more news later

| 3rd November 2010, 12:10:56 | Posted by Rosemary Taylor

'21st Century Girls' - our top selling course

“More savvy yet more vulnerable than ever…”

  • Girls are dealing with more sophisticated issues than ever before and are doing so with less adult contact and guidance than ever before
  • One in four girls shows signs of depression
  • Girls struggle to identify suitable role models
  • Girls are five times less likely to receive attention from a teacher
  • Girls from 12 to 15 have the worst nutrition of any age group
  • Self-harm and eating disorders are increasingly common
  • New technology has brought a whole new range of opportunities for cyber-bullying

Looked at from one perspective, it would appear that girls have it all today. From an early age they tend to have ‘school brains’ that enable them to experience success in a school setting. Developmentally they are more emotionally literate, verbally expressive and socially confident than boys. Girls have access to sports and educational programmes that were once for boys only and in many other ways their lives today are enhanced by a freedom of choice and aspirations. At the same time, anyone living or working with girls knows that there is a darker side to growing up female…..

| 10th August 2010, 09:49:35 | Posted by Rosemary Taylor

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